Business Development and Facilitation

E-IDCOT has completed the schematic designs for and has received full approval from the relevant authorities for the construction of the following buildings within the Park:

  • Business Incubators

        These will provide a nurtured business environment for fledgling or start-up companies. The facilities will provide shared affordable services for the early stage of the start-up's development, such as readily accessible knowledge resources, management guidance, technical assistance and consulting services that are tailored to young growing companies. The companies will avail themselves of low-cost space rental, a document centre, training rooms, video-conferencing and audio-visual facilities. The main goal of the incubators will be to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding.


  •  Factory Shell Complex

         This complex will comprise of four (4) factory shells that are to be built on an as-needed basis. These are designed to provide a nurtured business environment for companies that have grown from the Business Incubator or start-up stage and require larger production/office space. They will also serve as a temporary facility for established companies looking to locate a satellite facility in the Park. Low-cost lease spaces will be provided on a customized basis that will include a telecommunication network with utility systems to support high-speed data transmission and internet access as well as physical safety and a high level security environment to protect information and new products.

Construction of two Factory Shell Complex has been completed.


  • Multi-Producer Units

Our multi-producer units are designed to support the needs of start-ups and small-scaled entrepreneurs who are desirous of moving their production from the home environment to a more industrialized location. Each of the two buildings will comprise of 2 storeys and each floor will contain 8 individual units varying from 900 ft² - 1200 ft². Units will be outfitted for the connection of utilities (water/electricity/telecommunications). Common areas for tenants will include washrooms, change rooms, lift and loading bay.

Construction of the first of the two buildings has been completed.


  • A Shared Business Centre

        This will be housed in a central location within the micro-entrepreneurial complex and will serve as a meeting area for business-to-business activities and other shared activities. The Centre will include a secretarial pool, conferencing facilities, training room, commercial area, a common document control distribution centre as well as collective spaces such as a shared laboratory.


  • An Innovation Centre

        This will serve as the Park's research and development centre. The Innovation Centre will develop breakthroughs in various industries that will enable busineses to differentiate themselves in the market locally and globally. It will take progressive business ideas from the concept stage through to profitable commercialization. It will offer a wide range of services, programs, supports and facilities to ensure their successful fulfillment.


  • An Administration Building

        This will house E-IDCOT's business development and administrative staff. It will also accomodate personnel engaged in providing project management, consulting engineering and other support services to the public and private sectors. This centralized facility will be available to companies wishing to access business development services and will serve as a one-stop-shop/single window for tenants and/or prospective tenants seeking information to complete their applications for approval for tenancy in the Park.