Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of business operations are being targeted for the CEIBP?

A: E-IDCOT encourages small, medium and macro enterprises (as well as individuals) to apply for tenancy under the following categories: agro-processing and food industries, ICT and other knowledge-based operations, light manufacturing, marine resources processing, natural gas intensive production and professional services. 

The MPU's and the  factory shells, are also available for rental/lease. Schematic designs have also been approved for the construction of an innovation centre and business incubators.

There are plans to have an export processing facility as well as warehousing made available but these are intended primarily to facilitate the movement of goods and services which are produced within the Park.


Q: Is the Park ready for occupancy?

A: Yes. All the infrastructure for utilities such as potable water, wastewater collection and treatment, electricity, voice/data/video communication are in place. All civil works inclusive of site excavation, grading and filling, installation of pavements, box drains, culverts, inter-lot drains and paved roadways are completed.

Additionally, the Isaac T. McLeod Building (Factory Building 1) was commissioned in September 2012 and E-IDCOT is in the final contractual phase of negotiations with its first tenants. The second factory building was also completed in March 2013.

Land space is available for lease to interested individuals and companies for the location of their business facilities. 


Q: How can I apply for tenancy?

A: Prospective tenants are asked to complete and submit the relevant forms by following this link: tenancyapp


Q. Are there any investment incentives or tax exemptions being offered?

A: E-IDCOT does not offer financial services or incentives as part of its mandate. However, these are available through the customary Ministries, Statutory Boards and agencies such as the Ministries of Finance and Trade and Industry.  Financial assistance can be sought through NEDCO, the Business Development Unit (BDU), ExporTT and the Venture Capital Equity Fund Limited.                            


Q: What will it cost me to invest?

A: Up to 10,000 ft² of space within the second factory shell is  available and can be rented for up to 7 years (and subject to renewal) at a rate of $2.68/ft²./month.

Tenants can also lease land for 30 years (in the first instance) at rates as low as $0.75/ft²/month.